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Daly City

Maria is the proud owner of a small fitness studio that has been serving the community for several years. However, she began to notice that her equipment was outdated and didn’t align with her vision of providing a modern and innovative workout experience to her clients. Recognizing that an upgrade was necessary to attract more clients and retain her loyal customers, Maria turned to Universal Victory Capital for assistance.

Through our easy and efficient loan application process, Maria was able to quickly secure the funds she needed to transform her studio. With the loan, she purchased new state-of-the-art equipment, implemented cutting-edge fitness technology, and upgraded the studio’s flooring and lighting to create a sleek and contemporary atmosphere.

The results were remarkable. Clients immediately took notice of the studio’s new look and feel, as well as the advanced equipment and technology. Maria’s business started to experience a surge in foot traffic and revenue, and she even attracted new clients who were eager to try her innovative fitness program in the inviting and modern environment.

Thanks to the assistance from Universal, Maria was able to make her dream of upgrading her fitness studio a reality. The new equipment and technology not only enhanced the workout experience for her clients but also increased the profitability of her business. Maria deeply appreciated the personalized service and professionalism we provided throughout the process, and our commitment to her satisfaction has led to a lasting partnership that continues to thrive to this day.




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